INSEC Team Handed Over Human Rights Defenders Bill to Speaker of Madhes Provincial Assembly

  January 25, 2023 By: INSEC

Informal Sector Service Center, INSEC, Central Office Management Head Shavechha Khadka, DISECA Program Manager Balkrishna Kattel, INSEC Madhesh Province Coordinator Raju Paswan and others handed over the Human Rights Defenders Bill to Madhesh Speaker Ramchandra Mandal on January 24, 2023.

The Acting Chief Minister Lalwavu Raut and Attorney General Dipendra Jha handed over a drift to make the Madhes Province Human Rights friendly to the newly elected Speaker of the Madesh Provincial Assembly. He further appealed to him to discuss the draft in the House and provide recommendations and suggestions.


Speaker Ramchandra Mandal appreciated the contribution made by INSEC in the field of Human Rights and urged them to continue their work for the Protection of Human Rights. He said that they are aware that the Government and honorable members of the Provincial Assembly should make every possible effort to make Madhes Province Human Rights friendly. He also suggested that the Government should appoint a Human Rights Defender in the House to facilitate discussions and debates to create a Human Rights Friendly Province.

In the meeting, the INSEC team also provided the Nepal Human Rights Yearbook and a diary to the Speaker of the

Madesh Provincial Assembly. The team monitored the Madhes Province Office of the National Human Rights Commission. They discussed the situation, challenges, and measures of Human Rights, and contributions by INSEC in the field of human rights with Rekha Datta, Acting head of the Commission’s office.

Rekha Dutta said that Madhesh Province Commission plays a crucial role in monitoring human rights violations. INSEC plays a huge supporting role through the INSEC District Representative and the INSEK State Office assigned by INSEC  to ensure easy access to justice for Human Rights Violation victims

Deependra Singh