INSEC Team Delivers Relief Materials to Earthquake-Affected Area

  November 6, 2023 By: INSEC

The team of INSEC Karnali Province Office Surkhet reached the earthquake-affected area of Jajarkot on November 4 with medical personnel and relief materials. INSEC Karnali Province Coordinator Narayan Subedi has brought health workers and relief materials.

After reaching the Jajarkot headquarters, the earthquake-affected residents of Bheri Municipality-3, Upper Thaple Chowr, were promptly informed about the relief efforts.

A team of five individuals, including Roshni Nepali, a physiotherapist, three doctors, and two counselors, has been dispatched to Barekot village with a supply of medicines.

After a discussion with Chief District Officer Suresh Sunar, Om Prakas Rathore of Radha Madhav Samiti, situated in Bheri Municipality-3, Thaple, received a donation of relief supplies. INSEC Karnali Province Coordinator Narayan Subedi provided 12 pieces of tarpaulin, 15 blankets, 50 meters of fabric, 2 sacks of beaten rice, and 10 packets of snacks for distribution to the earthquake victims.

After visiting the patients at Jajarkot Hospital, the team expressed their mission to aid the earthquake-affected citizens in both medical treatment and counseling. In response to a request from Pratiksha Bharti, head of the health service office, the team promptly proceeded to Barekot village, equipped with medicines to provide treatment to the injured and offer counseling services.

Subedi, the provincial coordinator, announced that the residents of the rural settlements will receive support for medical treatment on November 5 and 6 .

Coordinator Subedi expressed that he arrived to assist the citizens who have been affected by the devastating earthquake. Additionally, the team will proceed to the affected area and organize a health camp in response to Barekot Village Chairman Bir Bahadur Giri’s request to visit Ramidada.

Basudev Sharma