INSEC Submits Memorandum Urging Government to Ratify Rome Statute

  July 18, 2023 By: INSEC

On International Justice Day, July 17, several organizations, including the Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC), submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister through the Chief District Officer, urging the ratification of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

The memorandum was signed by various organizations, including INSEC, the Non-Governmental Organization Federation of Nepal, the Non-Governmental Organization Federation of Kaski, the Human Rights Protection Forum in Kaski, the Human Rights Alliance in Kaski, Advocacy Forum Nepal, CIWIN Nepal, and the Federation of Nepalese Journalists. Their signatures demonstrated their support for the ratification of the Rome Statute.

Ramprasad Subedi, the Chairperson of the Non-Governmental Organization Federation, emphasized the importance of ratifying the Rome Statute for the respect of human rights in Nepal. Shiva Khakurel, head of INSEC Gandaki Province Office, stated that ratifying the Rome Statute is crucial to ending impunity for serious human rights violations in the country.

The memorandum highlighted that while 123 countries worldwide have ratified the Rome Statute, Nepal has yet to become a party to it. It also mentioned that the re-established House of Representatives in Nepal had unanimously passed a resolution on July 25, 2006, directing the government to ratify the Rome Statute.

The International Criminal Court, established under the Rome Statute, holds individuals accountable for serious crimes such as war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity as defined by international law. Ratifying the Rome Statute would contribute to ending impunity and ensuring justice for victims. It is emphasized that approving the Rome Statute is necessary for the protection and promotion of human rights in Nepal.

Assistant District Chief Ganga Bahadur Chhetri has acknowledged the memorandum and expressed his commitment to promptly forwarding it to the Prime Minister’s Office, ensuring that the concerns and requests regarding the ratification of the Rome Statute are brought to the attention of the government.

INSEC Gandaki Province Office, Pokhara