Boy Living in a Cage for 8 Years Rescued By INSEC

  June 26, 2021 By: INSEC

Sushan Thoklihang, a 12-year-old boy from Hilihang Rural Municipality-6 was rescued on June 24, 2021, on the initiative of INSEC Panchthar representative. Sushan had physical and psychosocial disabilities after which he was compelled to live in a cage for the last eight years.

INSEC Panchthar representative Mangal Begha said that the child was rescued after the initiative of INSEC and other organizations working in the field of child rights. He was rescued and taken to Khagendra Nawa Jeewan Kendra, Bhadrapur, Jhapa.

INSEC representative Begha said that the child was rescued on June 24 due to the risk of Covid-19 although it was planned in the month of May.

He further added that INSEC had written to the district hospital requesting them to check whether or not the child was infected with Covid-19 and to manage the Covid test.

Begha said that the child was rescued and sent to Jhapa for protection after the test confirmed that the child was not infected with Covid-19.

INSEC had made arrangements for the rescue of the child in the mid-week of May by monitoring the condition of the child on the spot in coordination with other organizations.

INSEC rescued Sushan in coordination with Province 1, Ministry of Social Development, INSEC Provincial Office, Biratnagar, Hilihang Rural Municipality, National Child Rights Council, Nepal Disabled Association, Federation of Nepali Journalists, Panchthar and human rights activists.

Sushan has been taken to Khagendra Nawajeewan Kendra, Bhadrapur, Jhapa through Human Rights Forum Nepal Ilam in partnership with the National Child Rights Council.

Bhakta Thami of Human Rights Forum Nepal said that the INSEC representative has coordinated and cooperated with the Ministry of Social Development and other organizations for the rescue of the child.

Grandmother of Sushan, Lalita Kumari Thoklihang said that he has been kept in a cage for the past eight years due to a lack of money for his treatment. He said that the INSEC representative rescued him after seeing his grandson’s condition.

Grandmother Thoklihang said that the INSEC representative had provided financial assistance of NRs 4,500 for the rescue of her grandson.

Mangal Begha