INSEC Requested to Take Initiative for Justice

  January 20, 2023 By: INSEC

Preeti kumari Pandit, 23, of Gadhi Rural Municipality-2 Aurawani submitted an appeal to INSEC on January 19, 2023, to take action against her husband, Mohnarayan Pandit, 29,  who has not provided her with her marriage registration, citizenship, and the birth registration of the child.

Prithikumari, who was married to Mohanarayan in 2017, has submitted a request to the INSEC Sunsari Representative to take initiative for justice for her and her children.

Furthermore, she accused her husband of not providing her with board and a bed and evicting her from the house.

After receiving the request, INSEC initiated the process of justice by requesting  SP Prabhu Prasad Dhakal of the District Police to file a report and to immediately bring Pandit to the police office for marriage registration along with ensuring the citizenship and birth certificate of the child.

SP Dhakal has directed the Case Branch to arrest Preeti’s husband and prepare the marriage registration, citizenship, and birth certificate.

Jay Krishna Yadav