INSEC Provides Support to the Victim of Domestic Violence

  September 8, 2022 By: INSEC

Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) has provided financial assistance to Batulidevi BC, 59, of Shitganga Municipality-13, Simalpani to help her during her legal struggle against domestic violence. Batulidevi is the victim of domestic violence.

The victim’s husband, Ganabahadur BC, 60, had evicted her from the house on June 29, and a complaint was lodged at INSEC Arghakhanchi on September 18, saying she has hand-to-mouth struggles.

The victim was beaten by the accused on May 19 and broke her arm. After the treatment, she is staying at their daughter’s house. The victim said that after her husband called her on May 22, she went home but her husband’s condition did not improve.

According to Durga BC, Chairperson of Shitganga Municipality- 13, Batuli’s husband Ganabahadur had improved by the time he was taken to the police station.

INSEC representative Kul Bahadur Nepali has provided NPR 10,000 in the presence of the deputy chairperson of Shitganga Municipality, chairperson of ward no. 13 and social workers and media persons.

Kulbahadur Nepali