INSEC Provides Support to Domestic Violence Victim

  November 26, 2020 By: INSEC

INSEC Karnali Provincial Office Surkhet has provided financial support to the victim of domestic violence on November 25.

Krishna Sunar, 40, of Birendranagar Municipality-5, a victim of domestic violence, has been provided Rs 15,000 in cash to help in the legal process.

According to INSEC Karnali Coordinator Narayan Subedi, the assistance was provided on the basis of the request made by the victim to the Violence Monitoring Group formed by INSEC in Birendranagar under the Human Rights Strengthening Program.


Handing over the money to the victim, Geeta Koirala, chairperson of the Violence Monitoring Group and advocate, said that the assistance was provided to help the victim of domestic violence by raising necessary funds to go through the legal process.

Earlier, INSEC had provided financial assistance to nine victims of violence, including a four-year-old raped victim, said Subedi.

Durga Thapa