INSEC Provides Health Equipment To Birendranagar Municipality 

  June 13, 2020 By: INSEC

INSEC Karnali has provided health equipment to Birendranagar municipality on 10 June as a relief for those staying in different quarantines of the municipality. 

INSEC Karnali Province Coordinator Naryan Subedi handed over health equipment to Mohan Maya Dhakal, acting Mayor of Birendranagar Municipality at the premises of the municipality. Birendranagar municipality had requested help from different organizations on 2 June 2020 to minimize the infection of coronavirus. 

While receiving the goods, Dhakal; the Acting Mayor of the municipality thanked INSEC for the help. 

The municipality was provided with 1500 surgical masks, 100 pcs of sanitisers of 100ml, 10 mosquito nets, 20 pcs of N95 masks, 100 pcs of Lifebuoy Soaps, informed Som Prasad Chaudhary; Human Rights Officer of INSEC Karnali Province. 

Along with this, coordinator Subedi and the team of INSEC monitored two quarantines of Birendranagar Municipality-8 on 10 June 2020. People staying in Surkhet Campus and Mid-Western University complaint of having scarcity of drinking water, toilet and sanitiser. 

Durga Thapa