INSEC Provides Financial Support to the Victims of Domestic Violence

  July 26, 2021 By: INSEC

INSEC Karnali Province has provided financial support to the victims of domestic violence on July 26, 2021.

The support was provided to Shanti BK, 31 of Birendranagar municipality-13, Beema Shahi, 31, of Birendranagar municipality-8, and Tika Nepali of Birendranagar municipality-6 after the recommendation of the Human Rights Help Desk.


Handing over cash to the women victims of violence, Narayan Subedi, Coordinator of INSEC Karnali Province Office Surkhet said that assistance has been provided to the victims to facilitate their travel and other expenses. INSEC Karnali Province Office Surkhet has already provided assistance to 34 victims of violence who have not been able to access justice before, said Subedi.


Similarly, INSEC Karnali Province Office has recommended Shanti BK’s and Beema Shahi’s children to the organization named Awaj to provide scholarships to them said Documentation Officer Tika Bista.

Durga Thapa