INSEC Provides Financial Assistance to Victim’s Family

  November 13, 2023 By: INSEC

The Human Rights Support Cell, operating under INSEC provided financial assistance to the family of the late Amana Khatun in Matihani Municipality-1, Dhirapur on November 11.

Due to the financial circumstances of the family of the late Khatun, who lost her life following an incident of rape, Raju Paswan, the coordinator of the Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) Madhesh Province, provided Rs 8000 in cash to Nathuni Ansari, the father-in-law of the deceased Khatun, in the presence of human rights workers.

Deceased Ansari has 5 children. Among them, two sons have dropped out of school and are forced to work in India, while two sons are living with their grandparents.

Raju Paswan, coordinator of INSEC Madhes Province, said that the human rights support cell has provided financial support to the victim’s family to go through the legal process and help the children to study.

Paswan stated that INSEC has provided a total of eight financial assistances to the families affected by such incidents in the year 2023.

Amna Khatun was brutally raped and killed by 26-year-old Mojahid Ansari and 22-year-old Tausin Ansari while she working in the field on the afternoon of September 23, 2022. Additionally, the accused also robbed her and absconded.

A joint team from Madhesh Police Office Janakpur and District Police Office Mahottari arrested the accused on September 25.

Nathuni Ansari, the father-in-law of the deceased, filed a complaint at the District Police Office Mahottari on October 4. The accused are currently in custody, awaiting trial.

Mamata Bishwakarma