INSEC Provides Financial Aid to the Victim of Domestic Violence and Caste-based Discrimination

  April 1, 2022 By: INSEC

INSEC has provided financial aid to Tulasa BK of Kohalpur Municipality-4 and Aarti Gurung Pariyar of Rapti Sonari Rural Municipality-7 on April 1. Tulasa is a victim of domestic violence and Aarti is the victim of caste-based discrimination.

A meeting of the Human Rights Help Desk established with the support of DCA had held a meeting on March 26 and decided to provide assistance to the victims

Both the victims had urged INSEC Lumbini Province Office, Nepalgunj on March 23 seeking necessary assistance to go through the legal process.

Both the victims’ cases are pending in the district court. INSEC’s Lumbini Province Coordinator Bhola Mahat said NPR 5,000 has been provided to support them in the legal process.

INSEC Lumbini Province Office, Nepalgunj