INSEC Provides Aid to Victims of Domestic Violence

  August 2, 2023 By: INSEC

On August 1, 2023, INSEC Sudurpaschim Province Office in Dhangadhi extended financial aid to female victims of domestic violence, offering assistance in their legal proceedings.

Asha Chaudhary, a 22-year-old resident of Gairilek in Chaurparti Rural Municipality-1 of Achham District, has received financial support through Nirmala Chaudhary, her mother, with the objective of aiding the legal process.

Following the incident of domestic violence, the victim, who was already grappling with financial hardships, lodged a case at the District Court in Achham to seek legal assistance. However, the victim encountered difficulties in attending court hearings regularly due to financial constraints. After Samabikas Nepal referred the case to INSEC for financial assistance INSEC conducted a thorough study of the incident and INSEC Sudurpaschim Provincial Office granted 8000 rupees as financial support to the victim.

INSEC Sudurpaschim Province Office Coordinator, Khadak Raj Joshi, stated that the organization is providing financial support through the INSEC Human Rights Help Desk to the victims, ensuring that they do not face denial of justice due to financial constraints and can easily access legal assistance.

Nirmala Chaudhary, the mother of the victim, expressed her gratitude to INSEC, stating that the financial support provided by the organization has made it easier for her daughter Asha to seek justice and access legal assistance despite their financial constraints.

Roshan Kuwar, 29 years old, from Sanfebagar Municipality-3, Achham district,and his wife Asha, got married on September 10, 2021. They went to Kathmandu and settled there. Later, when Asha became pregnant, Roshan Kunwar left the daughter at her maternal home and lost contact. The aggrieved mother reported this incident.

Asha Chaudhary gave birth to the child on June 10, 2022. When the Chaudhary family took the child born to Kunwar’s house, the members of Kuwar’s family refused to accept the child. Subsequently, on May 4,2023 the distressed party registered a case at the district court in Achham to establish a legal relationship.

Mainamoti Chaudhari