INSEC Provided Financial Assistance To Victim’s family

  October 14, 2023 By: INSEC

Human Rights Support Cell by the Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) provided financial assistance to the family of deceased Khursed Ansari of Samsi Rural Municipality-2, Parsa, Dewad on October 12.

Raju Paswan, coordinator of Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) Madhesh Province, in the presence of human rights workers provided financial assistance of Rs. 10,000 to Rashida Khatun, wife of deceased Ansari who was beaten to death in an inhumane manner.

Among six children of Rashida and the deceased Khursed, two of them have dropped out of school and are forced to work in India. While the other four are staying with their mother.

Raju Paswan, coordinator of INSEC Madhes Province, mentioned that the Human Rights Support cell provided financial assistance to the victim’s family to go through the legal process and to support their children’s education. Paswan reported that they have provided financial support to seven families of victims so far in 2023.

Sesh Abdus Kalam tied Ansari’s hands inside a house in Parsa Dewad Bazar, beat him in an inhuman manner and threw him into the drain on December 22, 2022 due to personal disputes.

Khursed Ansari was immediately taken  to Janaki Academic Hospital in Ramgopalpur Municipality-9 for medical treatment. However, due to the severity of his injuries, he had to be transferred to Janaki Health Care in Janakpur for advanced treatment. Ansari lost his life on December 25, 2022 during treatment.

Mamata Bishwakarma