INSEC News Impact: Victims of the Armed Conflict Receiving Support

  November 12, 2020 By: INSEC

Singh Bahadur Damai, 45, of Bhume Rural Municipality-2, Kankri, who had become helpless after the bomb blast in the armed conflict, has started receiving financial assistance after the news related to him was published on INSEC Online.

Muglal Rawat, a resident of Nathigad in Sisne Rural Municipality -7 and currently living in the United States, has donated Rs 8,000 and Drishti Shah, who works at Siddhartha Bank in Dang Ghorahi, has donated Rs 1,000.

INSEC Online had published news related to them for the first time on November 12, 2019, which was titled ‘Victims of Armed Conflict Bomb Blast Deprived of Treatment Due to Financial Crisis’. After the news was published, various people have been helping them with money and rations and the local level has also built a one-storey house.

Demu Damai, Singh Bahadur’s mother, said that since the news was published on INSEC Online last year, support has been sought from various people from time to time.


Nara Bahadur Budha, Ward Chairperson of Bhume Rural Municipality-2 and Rewan Khadka, Coordinator of ANNISU-Rukumpur has handed over Rs 9,000 sent by Rawal and Shah for Damai to Damai’s mother.

Budha, Ward Chairperson of Bhume Rural Municipality -2, said that the new house was constructed on the recommendation of the Rural Municipality in the budget of Rs. 300,000 under the Chief Minister’s Rural Development Program.

Damai, who was sewing clothes in his terrace, was knocked unconscious when a bomb exploded at the house of Rup Chandra Damai in January 2007. Damai, who lost his mental balance after the incident, could not return to normal state even after treatment.

A local said that Damai had been chained for nine years after he starting beating people in the village.

According to Prithi Bahadur Budha Magar, a local of Bhume Rural Municipality -2, the blast took place while the Maoists were hiding during the conflict. Her brother Rup Chandra and daughter-in-law Aiti Damai were killed in the blast. The problem arose when Singh Bahadur, who was sewing clothes, fell down from the balcony.

Jayaman Budha Magar