INSEC Monitors Vaccination Centres, Target Group Complained of Being Deprived from the Vaccines

  July 20, 2021 By: INSEC

INSEC has monitored the vaccination centres of Dang, Kapilbastu and Banke. The vaccination campaign has started in Dang, Rupandehi, Banke, Kapilvastu and other districts of Lumbini from July 18 to 20. The target group in the Dang district has complained that were not vaccinated.

According to Dang representative, Jayanarayan Pun, in the monitoring conducted by INSEC at the vaccination centres on July 19, there were complaints that the target group has not received the vaccine against COVID-19. The target group had to wait for hours and still they could not be vaccinated due to the poor management, some vaccination centres did not have adequate vaccines, and in some cases, the staff vaccinated their relatives and near ones. Dalbir BK, 56, of Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan-5 said that he returned home after waiting in the queue for two hours in the scorching sun.


Chief of the Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan Health Branch, Om P. Neupane, said that the citizens lined up at the bus park of Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan City-5, wards no.10 and 11 were sent back after vaccines couldn’t reach the centre on time. Neupane said that there was no storage capacity in Dang and the vaccines were delayed because it had to be brought from Butwal.

On July 19, 1,700 vaccines were brought to Tulsipur Sub-metropolitan City. However, since they arrived late, only a few vaccines were sent to the vaccine centres. Every vaccine centre received only 125 vaccines. There was a dispute between the target group and the management at Bharatpur Vaccination Centre in Ghorahi Sub-metropolitan-15 after the staff registered and vaccinated their relatives and near ones.

Narayan Prasad Gharti, Chief of Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan Health Branch, said that there was a dispute due to high demand and less supply of vaccines. He said the problem was caused after people from outside the target group came to get vaccinated. Chief District Officer Ram Bahadur Kurumwang said that the vaccine could not be delivered on time due to a lack of management of the vehicle. Dang has a storage capacity of 34,000 vaccines. Currently, there is a plan to vaccinate more than 35,000 people.


According to Kapilvastu representative Parbati Acharya, 34,034 doses of vaccine have been received in the district. The vaccination campaign will be conducted in 96 places of the district according to the allocated age group and profession. Chief District Officer Chakrapani Pandey said that the vaccination will be given from July 18 to July 20.

INSEC monitored the Buddhi Health Post of Buddhabhumi Municipality and the Vaccination Centre of Bandganga Municipality. During the monitoring, it was found that the place was crowded by the target group, even the people with long-term chronic diseases were vaccinated and it was mandatory to bring an identity card for vaccination. In Buddhabhumi municipality, 2,094 people were vaccinated on the second day.

The government has first vaccinated people in the age group of 55 years and above. The owners of pharmacies, fruit, vegetable shops, food shops, hotel restaurant operators, petroleum transport and public transport drivers, helpers, teachers, people with abroad visas were the first priority along with those who were missed out previously.


According to Banke representative Smriti Devkota, the vaccination campaign has started in the district on July 18 and will continue till July 20. The vaccination centres at the wards were monitored on July 19. During the monitoring, it was found that the age group of 50 years and above were the first priority but those who were missed out previously, professors, teachers, staff, public transport drivers, helpers, and those involved in the essential services designated by the Government of Nepal were also vaccinated.

INSEC Lumbini Province Office