INSEC Monitors the Raute Community and Draws Attention of the Stakeholders

  June 13, 2021 By: INSEC

The Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) Karnali Provincial Office has been monitoring the endangered Raute community and drawing the attention of the concerned authorities.

A team led by INSEC and the Raute Endangered Marginalized Class Upliftment Foundation Nepal and District Bar Association discussed the problem with the community leaders along with the on-site assessment at Raute Settlement in Simghat of Gurbhakot Municipality-9 on June 12, 2021.

INSEC Karnali Province Coordinator Narayan Subedi said that various health problems, lack of access to education and nomadic life were seen in Raute during the monitoring.

According to Subedi, the team met Karnali Province Minister for Social Development Yagya Bahadur BC, Chief District Officer Chhavilal Rijal and SP Rajendra Prasad Bhatta of the District Police Office and formulated a suitable Raute policy to solve the problem.

There were 145 Rautes last year, Satya Devi Khadka, chairperson of the foundation, said that the number may have changed due to the number of births and deaths.

In addition, while protecting the cultural rights of Raute, the concerned bodies were called upon to provide necessary advice on health services, food, sanitation, and guarantee of access to education and security.

Minister for Social Development said that appropriate steps would be taken to ensure the right to education, health, food, and security of the Raute community as the provincial government needed to formulate necessary policies.

Durga Thapa