INSEC Monitors the Pre-Election Situation of Arghakhanchi

  November 17, 2022 By: INSEC

The Informal Area Service Centre (INSEC) monitoring team completed a  discussion on the pre-election situation and preparations of Arghakhanchi on November 16.

Shobhakar Budhathoki, a member of the INSEC Executive Committee, highlighted the purpose of the monitoring and discussion. He also directed the participants’ attention to the immediate security and management challenges to ensure an impartial and fearless voting environment.

According to Chief District Officer Shasidhar Ghimire, they have completed all the necessary preparations to make the election fearless, impartial, and clean.

Ghimire said that the office had demanded a written explanation from party candidates, people’s representatives, employees, and teachers who acted contrary to the election code of conduct.

The team consists of Shobhakkar Budhathoki, INSEC Executive Committee member, Krishna Gautam, INSEC Central Office Representative, Bhola Mahat, INSEC Lumbini Province Coordinator, and Kul Bahadur Nepali Arghakhanchi district representative.

Kul Bahadur Nepali