INSEC Highlights the Incident of Nepal Communist Party Seeking Financial Support from NGOS

  July 20, 2023 By: INSEC

The Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) , including other organizations has brought the matter of financial support being sought by the Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) Central Committee to the attention of the Assistant Chief District Officer of Kaski District. The letter raised concerns regarding non-governmental organizations (NGOs) providing financial support to citizens and social organizations in Kaski district, emphasizing that NGOs are non-profit entities and should not align themselves with any political party or impose any specific views.

The letter highlighted that NGOs are established with the primary purpose of supporting target groups and underprivileged communities, and providing donations to any particular political party is against the code of ethics governing their operations. The act of giving donations to a political party is considered contrary to both national and international norms.

Assistant Chief District Officer, Guru Dutt Dhakal, has acknowledged the memorandum and assured that the administration will promptly investigate the matter. It indicates the seriousness with which the authorities view the issue and their commitment to ensuring compliance with ethical standards and the impartiality of NGOs.

The memorandum includes the names of various organizations, such as the Non-Governmental Organization Federation of Nepal, Gandaki Province Committee, Human Rights Protection Forum (MASM), Kaski, Human Rights Alliance Kaski, CIWIN Nepal, and Fedo Nepal Gandaki Province, among others.

INSEC Gandaki Province Pokahra