INSEC Handed Human Rights Year Book to Madhesh Chief Minister

  June 6, 2023 By: INSEC

Chairperson of Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) Dr. Kundan Aryal handed over the Nepal Human Rights Year Book 2023 to Madhesh Province Chief Minister, Harishchandra Mishra,  on June 5, 2023.

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While handing over the yearbook, Aryal said that the INSEC will always partner and coordinate of INSEC with the provincial government to solve the social and cultural issues of Madhesh province.

He said that INSEC is ready to take more responsible actions to address the issues of human rights in Madhesh province and that the collaboration and suggestions of the provincial government are necessary.

Chief Minister, Mishra, suggested that the social problems created due to the misuse of technology have led to an increase in the number of human rights violations and excesses in the society, and suggested that INSEC should highlight such problems and increase citizen awareness.

Krishna Gautam, information officer of INSEC, said that for the protection and promotion of human rights, INSEC is working to document human rights violations and excesses across Nepal, analyze the situation of human rights and establish social justice.

INSEC Madhesh Province Office Coordinator Raju Paswan said that INSEC has been active in Madhesh Province through the human rights education program, assistance to the victims in the legal process, providing financial assistance, and various public awareness campaigns.

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