INSEC Financially Assisted Domestic Violence Victim

  February 28, 2024 By: Shreya Parajuli

INSEC, Lumbini Province Office, Nepalgunj  provided financial assistance to 35-year-old Rubina Halwai, a victim of  domestic violence to go through a legal process on February 27.

The victim appealed for help on the recommendation of the Human Rights Research Center on February 3. The victim said that the poor financial situation made it difficult to go through the legal process.

Farid Ahmed Halwai, victim’s husband of Nepalgunj sub-municipality-5 died on October 21, 2020. After that, her brothers-in-law Jamsid Ahmed Halwai, Tauhid Ahmed Halwai, and sister-in-laws Reshma Halwai and Gunnaj Halwai evicted her from the house. Additionally,  they obstructed her from registering her husband’s death in the ward office by denying her relationship with him. She applied to initiate legal proceedings as she was unable to get single women’s allowance due to not verifying her relation with her husband.

INSEC, Nepalgunj provided her Rs 10,000 as financial support to go through the legal process.

Dhurbaraj Sharma