INSEC Engages in Discussion Regarding Human Rights in Dailekh

  August 13, 2023 By: INSEC

The Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) Karnali Province Office has engaged in discussions with relevant authorities regarding the human rights situation in Dailekh.

Led by Narayan Subedi, the Karnali Province Coordinator of INSEC, a team convened meetings on August 13 with representatives from Narayan Municipality, Gurans Rural Municipality, the District Administration Office, and the District Police Office to address human rights promotion issues.

During these meetings, various human rights concerns were discussed, and important stakeholders including Mayor Loman Sharma of Narayan Municipality, Chairperson Top Bahadur BC of Gurans Rural Municipality, Chief District Officer Goegan Bahadur Hamal, and Police Inspector Deepak Singh Bista of the District Police Office shared their insights.

The discussions encompassed a range of topics including the activities of the local committee responsible for implementing the fifth national human rights action plan, ongoing programs within the municipalities, and the situation of a family displaced for two years in Gurans Rural Municipality-8, which was highlighted by Chairperson BC, Chief District Officer Hamal, and Police Inspector Bista.

In addition to these meetings, the INSEC Karnali Provincial Office has planned further activities, such as engaging with families of armed conflict victims in Bhairabi Rural Municipality-1, conducting awareness programs against violence towards women and caste discrimination in ward offices, discussing the implementation of the fifth national human rights action plan in Narayan Municipality, and collaborating with the district-level human rights defender network.

These endeavors shows INSEC’s commitment to addressing and promoting human rights concerns in the region.

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Sunita Sunar