INSEC Completed Two-Day Human Rights Training in Pokhara

  December 31, 2022 By: INSEC

A two-day training on Human Rights, organized by the Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) Central Office and Women for Democracy (WPD Nepal) with the support of the Government of Canada, was completed on December 31, 2022, in Pokhara.

The organizers aimed the training at the officials of local partner organizations working in Nuwakot and Makwanpur. The local partner organizations are on Economic and Social Development under the Women’s Empowerment Program.

Mekhlal Shrestha,  Minister of Education, Culture, Science Technology, and Social Development of Gandaki Province said that such training is an effective means of advocacy for awareness of the importance of economic skills for women’s empowerment. He said the Economic empowerment of women is synonymous with the commercialization of skills-based education that connects women’s labor to production and income generation.

Judge of District Court Baglung, Dr. Diwakar Bhatt, talked about the inevitability of Human Rights in political, legal and judicial areas. It plays a crucial role in facilitating judicial remedy or resolution in the context of a violation of Economic, Social, and Cultural rights. He also highlighted the constructive role played by the Supreme Court in the protection of such rights.

Gandaki Province Chief Minister’s Office Secretary, Manmaya Pangeni, emphasized the need for government initiatives for the Economic and Social empowerment of women. She also highlighted the importance of door-to-door campaigns against gender-based violence.

INSEC Gandaki Province Coordinator, Shiv Khakurel, stated that training on Human Rights plays a crucial role in strengthening and empowering women. He urged the participants to implement what they learned from the training.

Pramac Liladhar Paudel, District Coordination Committee Kaski, Officer of Human Rights Commission Mohan Kafle, Shreya Bajracharya, Project Officer of INSEC Central Office Kathmandu Krishna Prasad Nepal,  and Head of Management Subechcha Khadka also expressed their views on Human Rights and need of such training to ensure adequate implementation of Women Rights.

Mohan Kumar Bista