INSEC Calls to Recommend Names for Prakash Human Rights Award

  June 14, 2024 By: INSEC

INSEC has issued a public call to recommend names for the Prakash Human Rights Award, established in memory of Prakash Kafle, the Founder General Secretary of INSEC. The names of people working for human rights and social justice can be recommended at as per INSEC.

INSEC established the Prakash Human Rights Award to perpetuate the memory of Prakash Kafle, in 1994. INSEC awards 50,000 rupees in cash, a certificate, and an emblem of INSEC to one activist in the field of human rights and social justice.

INSEC informed that 29 activists including Vinaya Kumar Kasajoo, the founder of Children’s Literature and Rural Journalism, Dr. Gauri Shankarlal Das, founding member of the Human Rights Commission, Dayavir Singh Kansakar, the founder of the Paropakar Organization, Basant Devi Jha, who raised her voice for women’s suffrage, Rishi Ram Tharu, who fought for Kamaiya Mukti Movement, Dr. Rupchandra Bishwakarma, Haliya and Dalit movement activist Rajuram Bhul, Rukaiyya Khatun and other personalities who raised their voices in various fields have been awarded till now.

Additionlly, an award selection committee has been formed for the purpose of organizing this award. According to INSEC, the award selection process will be based on recommendations received by 29 June. To recommend a suitable individual, please fill out the following format with the necessary details.

As per the call issued by INSEC, individuals eligible for recommendation must have actively contributed to human rights and social justice, representing marginalized communities and places. They should not be accused or prosecuted for criminal offenses, banking offenses, corruption, economic crimes, crimes against humanity, or war crimes. Additionally, they should not have charged or prosecuted related to racism, discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence, or other moral misconducts. Moreover, they should lead a moral and virtuous lifestyle. These criteria are essential for recommending individuals for the award.

INSEC has been awarding this award every year since 1994 in memory of the late Prakash Kafle, Founder General Secretary, of INSEC who lost his life in a Thai airplane crash on July 31, 1992, in Ghoptebhir, Nuwakot.

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