Inmates Suffering in Prison Due to Overcrowding

  January 5, 2022 By: INSEC

The inmates of the district prison of Darchula are suffering due to overcrowding. The prison had been accommodating more than its capacity and in the first week of December, 2021, eight more inmates were brought to the prison. Therefore, the situation of the prison is at its worst.

Lalit Pant, a leader of the Kanchanpur District Jail, lamented that the prison was already crowded and now with additional inmates, they were having problem in using toilets and were also having problem in managing space for sleeping.

He said, “Due to overcrowding, the female inmates’ building is also being used to keep male inmates. There is also the problem of having to wait for the turn to go to the toilet and there is lack of blankets and mattresses to sleep during the extremely cold weather. ‘

Prakash Singh Dhami, who is serving his sentence in Darchula District Prison, complained that he was forced to live uncomfortably due to overcrowding.

Jailer Birendra Singh Dhami of Darchula District Prison said that 28 inmates were transferred to Darchula, Dadeldhura and Kailali District Prison due to lack of space in Kanchanpur District Prison.

He said that 10 inmates have been sent to Kailali, 10 to Dadeldhura and 8 to Darchula prisons from the district prison of Kanchanpur.

The district prison in Darchula of category ‘D’ has the capacity of only 40 inmates including 25 men and 15 women. At present, there are 68 inmates including 59 prisoners and nine detainees. Of them, 59 are prisoners which includes and nine are male detainees. There are two prisoners above 65 years of age and a minor as well living in the prison.

“The number of male inmates has tripled,” said jailor Dhami. The roof of the prison building leaks in the rain and is very cold nowadays,” said Jailer Dhami. He further added that for now they have managed by keeping the male inmates in two rooms allocated for female inmates

Chief District Officer of Darchula, Siddharaj Joshi said that even though the prisons are monitored twice a year, they have not been able to monitor the prisons this year.

He said that the district prisons would be monitored to observe their condition in the winter and the collected information would be sent to the concerned bodies for resolving the problem.

Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Purna Joshi has monitored the District Jail, Darchula on January 5, 2022.

Minister Joshi said that the province government has been monitoring and supervising the condition of the district prisons with the objective of strengthening the condition of the prisons.

She further added that the inmates in the prisons across the province were monitored right now as they were overcrowded.

She said that the province government has allocated a budget of NPR 400,000. She said that the budget has been allocated for the purpose of enabling the inmates inside the prison to do some skilled based work and earn for themselves.

She also said that she would take initiative for the infrastructural improvement of the prison and NPR 800,000 has been allocated for the maintenance of the district prison in the current fiscal year.

Narendra Singh Karki