Inmates management issue due to overcrowd Prison

  May 23, 2019 By: INSEC

The District Prison of Rukum-West is facing a crisis of overcrowded prison after the inmates and detainees from two districts are kept in a same prison.

The prison is graded as “D” and has a capacity to accommodate only 25 inmates and detainees however there are 104 inmates and detainees at present. The inmates and detainees from Rukum-east are also kept in a same prison as there is no prison in Rukum-East. In a male block, there are 96 and in female block there are eight inmates and detainees according to the prison administration. They are facing various health issues due to the over capacity according to the prison chief Lok Bahadur Gharti.

They are facing issue of going to toilets, sleeping, eating  and the hygiene of the prison is very poor. They are compelled to sleep in a shift due to the lack of space according to Gharti.

The internal affair and law ministry of Karnali province has allocated budhet for the construction of prison building however the work is still pending.

Manisha KC