Inmates Lament for Being Deprived of Their Right to Vote

  November 7, 2022 By: INSEC

Thirty-five inmates of the district prison have complained that they were deprived of voting for the upcoming election of the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly which will be held on November 20, 2022.

The inmates in the District Prison of Darchula complained that they were deprived of the right to vote after their names were left out because they were not informed during the compilation of the voter list.

Although 49 prisoners and 11 detainees are kept in the prison, Darchula, only 25 prisoners, including one woman were included in the voter’s list and only they will be allowed to vote in the upcoming election.

Prakash Dhami, an inmate of the district prison, complained that he and other inmates were deprived of voting rights because the inmates were not given an opportunity to register during the voter list collection.

Lalit Pant, another inmate expressed his happiness regarding the provision of voting. However, Pant said that many prisoners were deprived of the right to vote.

Jailer of District Jail, Darchula, Ramraja Pant, said that the prisoners who were left out during the compilation of voter list by the Commission will not be able to participate in the election.

According to the Electoral Rolls Act, 2073, government employees, soldiers in barracks, Nepal Police, Armed Police, detainees and prisoners are entitled to vote in the proportional election for members of the House of Representatives.

For that purpose, the commission has arranged to compile a temporary voter list and arranged for them to vote.

Chitraprakash Joshi, Information Officer of the District Election Office, Darchula said that there are 2,400 temporary voters in the district and two temporary polling stations have been set up for them.

Polling stations have been set up in district jails and district offices for proportional temporary voters. There are a total of 89 thousand 154 voters in the district.

Narendra Singh Karki