Inmates Facing Problems due to Overcrowded Cells

  March 18, 2021 By: INSEC

The inmates of Bajhang District Jail have complained that they are facing administrative problems due to overcrowding.

The district jail, which has a capacity of 25 inmates, currently has 38 prisoners and 37 detainees in Bajhang.

Bhakti Bhandari of Bajhang District Jail expressed grief over having to wait in line from morning till 12 noon as there are only two toilets for 75 people.

He said, “The compulsion to have so many people in one room makes it difficult to move and even to breathe. We have requested the prison administration to make immediate arrangements for toilets and accommodation. If the problem is not solved, we will be forced to protest. ‘

Dhan Bahadur Gharti, Jailor of Bajhang District Jail, said that the intensive urban development and building construction project, Dati, has estimated to build a house for male inmates but the contract process has not progressed.

He said, “all the prisoners are forced to live in six rooms and there are not enough toilets for the inmates.’

Chief District Officer Mohan Adhikari said that he had just been transferred to the district and has committed to take initiatives to solve the problem.

Ramesh KC