Inmates and detainees in crisis due to overcrowded prison

  October 22, 2018 By: INSEC

The inmates and detainees at district prison of Rukum are facing difficulties after the prison is four times over crowded than its capacity.

The prison building has a capacity to accommodate only 25 prisoners however there are 98 of them according to jailer Lok Bahadur Gharti. According to him, there are 92 male and six female inmates and detainees.

The inmates and detainees from Rukum east are also transferred to this prison making it over crowded. Few days ago some of the inmates and detainees were transferred to the prion in Kapilvastu and Dang due to the lack of space.

Inmates and detainees are facing various issues due to the lack of space. The prison administration is also facing difficulties to manage them.

At present at least 15 inmates and detainees are kept in one room due to the lack of space according to the prison administration.


Manisha Karki