Injured Protester Died During Treatment

  March 24, 2023 By: INSEC

Press released issues by Province no.1 renaming joint struggle committee revealed that Lajehang Limbu alias Padam Limbu, 42, from Myanglung Municipality-9, Terhathum currently residing at Dharan, Sunsari, lost his life during treatment on 24 March.

Issued press release states that Lajehang lost his life during the course of treatment at BP Koirala Institute of Health Science. He was injured by the beating of Police in a protest organized against the naming of Koshi Province on 19 March.

Chairperson of Kirat Yakthung Chumlung Prem Ektan informed that the commander of Federal Democratic National Forum-lumbuwan died in the course of treatment.

As per Gyalej Sherpa, Chairperson of Federation of Indigenous Nationalities, Limbu, injured by the baton charge of police amid the protest at Biratnagar on 19 March lot his life during treatment.

Press statement issues by the struggle committee has attributed Limbu’s death to the Government.

Dipenwala Rai, Jhapa Secretariat Chief of the committee, informed INSEC representative via phone that the meeting organized in the morning of 24 March by the committee is discussing on whether to conduct the the post-mortem of the body immediately or pressurize the government by not doing so.

Koshi province was named following the two third majority (with 82 of 93 votes in favor of the name) of Koshi Provincial Assembly on 1 March.

Province government has designated the name of the province as ‘Koshi’ by publishing the notice in the Nepal Gazette on 2 March.

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Binod Subedi