Incident at Children’s Correctional Home Results in Injuries to Nine Children and Three Policemen

  September 13, 2023 By: INSEC

On the night of September 12, a clash erupted at the Children’s Reform Home in Birgunj Metropolitan City-4, stemming from a dispute over food. The confrontation resulted in injuries to twelve individuals, including nine children and three policemen.

The dispute originated when the children from Bhaktapur Children’s Reform Home, who had been brought to the Birgunj facility, had an altercation with the other children at the Reform Home and were subsequently assaulted.

Tika Krishna Kafle, the Head of the Children’s Reform Home, stated that the 18 children brought from Bhaktapur to Birgunj were protesting and refusing to stay at the facility. He explained that the clash occurred during their argument.

SP Komal Shah of the District Police Office reported that nine children, including eight from Bhaktapur, and three policemen sustained injuries in the clash. The injured children were initially treated at the Narayani sub-regional hospital in Birgunj and later taken to the District Police Office.

Nepal Police and Armed Police personnel were dispatched to the Children’s Reform Home to control the clashes and acts of vandalism. However, the children inside the home hurled stones and prevented the police from entering the facility late into the night. Three policemen were injured due to stones thrown by the children, prompting the police to use tear gas to regain control.

Given the ongoing stone-throwing from inside the Children’s Reform Home, Chief District Officer Hiralal Regmi requested the Madhesh Province Office of INSEC to mediate the situation on September 13.

According to the children in the reform home, they were provided with stale food, charged 100 rupees per phone call when contacting their families, overcrowded in rooms, faced inadequate toilet facilities, and accused the head of the correctional home, Tika Krishna Kafle, of mistreatment.

The Children’s Reform Home currently houses 149 children, exceeding its capacity of 50 individuals, including 18 brought from the Bhaktapur Children’s Reform Home.

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Sambhu Kumar Suman