In Myagdi, 22 polling stations are tagged as sensitive

  November 9, 2017 By: INSEC

For the upcoming HoR and state assembly election on November 26 and December 7, 22 polling stations in Myagdi are tagged as sensitive by the district security committee .

The categorization is based on previous election analysis, geopraphical proximity, political activities and activities of underground groups. In Myagdi district, there are 72 polling stations and 106 polling centers.

For sensitive area, the security has been tightened accordingly according to the CDO Krishna Prasad Adhikari.

A temporary base camp has been established in command of DSP Sushil Sebedi. A team of Nepal army has also been mobilized for the security of the polling stations.

Chief Election Officer Raj Kumar Koirala said that further field studies have been conducted to make security strategies. He added that the monitoring on violation of election code of conduct is also taken into consideration.

The preparation for the upcoming election has been expedited in the district according to Koirala.


Amrit Baskune