Implementation of Local Curriculum by Bhanu Municipality

  October 2, 2023 By: INSEC

Bhanu Municipality has introduced a local curriculum called ‘Hamro Bhanu’ for primary education from classes one to eight. The municipality has developed and implemented this curriculum for the current academic session in 2080.

The curriculum, which was approved by Bhanu Nagar Shiksha Samiti, was jointly launched and presented to schools during a program on October 1. The program involved the coordination of Harihar Upreti, the head of Bhanu Municipality’s Social Development Committee, Ishwar Bahadur Ghimire, a committee member, and Dhruvraj Paudel, the Municipal Education Officer.

Municipal Education Officer Paudel explained that the curriculum was developed through consultations with various stakeholders, including technical support from the Wildlife Conservation Association of Nepal, representatives of Bhanu’s professional organizations, school principals, and teachers. The content was finalized by incorporating suggestions and feedback from these groups.

Currently, local textbooks have been provided for classes one to five, with plans to develop textbooks for classes six to eight within a month. Schools have been given one copy of the curriculum for each class based on the number of students enrolled for the 2080 academic session. Community schools in Bhanu will receive these textbooks for free, while institutional schools will receive electronic copies and can choose to print them as needed.

Paudel mentioned that the curriculum is being introduced as a pilot, and at the end of the 2080 academic session, subject teachers using ‘Hamro Bhanu’ will be invited to a review meeting. Based on the feedback received, the curriculum will be modified for the next iteration. Paudel encouraged teachers and stakeholders to thoroughly review the textbook and provide constructive suggestions for improvement.


Prakash Chandra Bhattari