Impact of News: Initiation of Vaccine Campaign Against Lumpy Skin Disease

  August 11, 2023 By: INSEC

A vaccine campaign against Lumpy Skin Disease has been initiated in the district of Rasuwa. The campaign encompasses the treatment of afflicted animals and the vaccination of those without evident symptoms of the disease.

Recent developments indicate that out of a total of 157 cattle diagnosed with the disease in Kalika rural municipality, 50 have successfully recuperated following treatment, while 24 unfortunate cases resulted in fatalities. In response to emerging symptoms in a buffalo, authorities have taken decisive action. Kalika Rural Municipality distributed 500 doses of vaccine, supplemented by an additional 300 doses from the Animal Expert Center, to facilitate vaccination efforts targeting unaffected cows.

A previous news article published on July 28 by INSEC Online, titled “Kisan Markama,” spotlighted the plight of local farmers grappling with the absence of adequate medication for Lumpy Skin Disease-afflicted livestock in Rasuwa. Consequently, the report’s influence spurred Kalika Rural Municipality into action, prompting the commencement of vaccination programs for ailing animals. This development was confirmed by Buddhinath Neupane, an Animal Technician from the Animal Health Branch.

Lumpy Skin Disease has cast a shadow over farming communities across the district, adversely affecting livestock in all five rural villages. The disease has claimed the lives of over 200 animals district-wide, leaving farmers grappling with considerable losses.

Efforts to combat the disease have been underway. Kalika Rural Municipality, in collaboration with Naukund Rural Municipality, administered 500 doses of the vaccine to Chauri, a locality where 200 cows, bulls, and cows have already succumbed to the disease. Additionally, the Animal Expert Center in Nuwakot has allocated 300 doses of vaccine to contribute to the ongoing vaccination drive.

Gosainkunda rural municipality has also witnessed distressing losses, with 26 chauri, one yak, and 48 local breed cows succumbing to Lumpy Skin Disease. Notably, over 1,000 animals have been afflicted by the disease in the area. The Animal Expert Center’s provision of 300 vaccine doses has facilitated vaccination efforts in this locality as well.

Farmers like Phurpa Tamang from Gosaikund Rural Municipality-6 voiced concerns over the lack of timely medical intervention and insurance coverage for their livestock, underscoring the urgency of effective disease management.

Significantly, the Animal Expert Center Office in Nuwakot has allocated 3,300 doses of Lumpy Skin Disease vaccine to all local levels within Rasuwa, signifying a proactive and collaborative approach to tackling this pressing issue.

Hemnath Khatiwada