Immediate Action Required Against Cases of Caste Based Discrimination

  May 11, 2024 By: INSEC

Amnesty International has released a report : “Systemic descent-based discrimination against Dalits needs urgent action” on May 10, 2024. The report states that  Dalits and especially Dalit women and girls need immediate action against caste-based discrimination. The report has shown Authorities in Nepal are failing to protect Dalits, particularly women and girls, from systemic and widespread caste-based discrimination.
The report states that, “Dalits are the so-called “lower caste” in this social hierarchy created by the caste system, which is rooted in Hinduism but is adopted by every religion.” There is a legal obligation to address all forms of caste-based discrimination and the Constitution of Nepal guarantees the principles of Caste-based Discrimination and Untouchability (Offense and Punishment)Act, 2011 the right to equality, the right to live with dignity and the prohibition of untouchability and discrimination on the basis of caste.
Fernanda Doz Costa, Amnesty International’s Director for Gender and Racial Justice Programme stated that, “The authorities in Nepal are not doing enough to counteract the culture of impunity for human rights violations related to descent-based discrimination in Nepal. Efforts made by the authorities are still inadequate and insufficient, and they seem to exist only on paper but do not translate into real changes in the lives and the human rights of Dalits, Dalit women and girls in particular”.
It is reported that the Dalit community lacks trust over police and other Legal authorities which is why only 30-40 cases under Caste-based Discrimination and Untouchability Act are registered in a year.

Dipa Sunwar