Husband Denies To Keep Wife In Home After Two Years of Love Marriage

  October 6, 2023 By: INSEC

25-year-old husband Bijay Mahato and his family refused to keep 24-year-old Devika Sadaya,  Golbazar Municipality-1 in their house after two years of love marriage.

The victim said that she married 25-year-old Bijay Mahato of Mirchaiya Municipality-9 two years ago and now he is rejecting her saying his family is not ready to accept her as a daughter-in-law, so he will marry someone else for the happiness of his family.

She complained that he married her and kept her with him in a rented room in Bandipur, Karjanha Municipality.The victim stated that the accused had reassured her by explaining that their current income situation was challenging to sustain. He promised to seek employment abroad and build a house and live together.

She said that they used to have a good conversation and he used to send her money every month.However, after he returned from Qatar a week ago, he said that his family does not want her as their daughter-in-law. He has asked her to leave him so that he could marry someone else. After losing contact with him. The victim submitted an application to the Mirchaiya Area Police Office on October 1, 2023.

DSP Jitendra Basnet of Mirchaiya District Police Office said that the victim and the accused party were called for a discussion on October 4, but since the discussion ended without a conclusion, it was decided to discuss again on October 9 with the presence of Devika’s husband Bijay. DSP Basnet said that the necessary legal process will be taken forward if there are disagreements in the discussion.

Jagdish Mahato, the father of the accused, said that even though his son had made a mistake, Devaki Sadaya cannot be accepted as a daughter-in-law because our society believes in casteism.

Durga Pariyar.