Hundred and Eighty-Three Settlements in Sindhupalchowk at Risk from Monsoon Impact

  June 25, 2024 By: INSEC

According to the District Disaster Management Committee, 183 human settlements in the Sindhupalchok are at risk of being more affected by the monsoon this year.Chief District Officer Bhupendra Thapa stated that although some plans have been made to reduce the risk of monsoon-related impacts, it is predicted that around 6,150 houses may still be at risk this year.

There are 43 small and big rivers in the district. Chief District Officer Thapa said that it is predicted that 183 human settlements may be at risk due to the damming of those rivers throughout the district during the monsoon. In 2023, 38 floods and landslides occurred across the district. As a result, 10 houses were washed away in Helambu Rural Municipality, and most roads in both Helambu Rural Municipality and Melamchi Municipality were blocked.

Bhupendra Bahadur Thing, Chairperson of the Nepal Bar Unit, mentioned that this year’s monsoon season is expected to bring heavy rainfall.


Natibabu Dhital