Human Rights Violation Index Records Highest Violations in Bagmati Province

  February 19, 2024 By: Shreya Parajuli

The Human Rights Violation Index of 2023, published by INSEC, reveals that Bagmati Province has the highest number of violations. This information is part of the Nepal Human Rights Yearbook 2024 released by INSEC on February 19. The published result indicates Bagmati as first regarding the number of violations, Madhesh as second, and Koshi as third in terms of negative rankings.

On the other hand, Sudurpaschim with the least number of violations was ranked in the first position, followed by Gandaki in second place and Karnali in third.

Chairperson Dr. Kundan Aryal stated that INSEC has been annually releasing the yearbook since 1992 and this is the first time the Human Rights Violation Index has been included in the Nepal Human Rights Year Book.

Bagmati ranks as the province with the highest number of violations with a score of 85.24 on the overall index of human rights violations. The index reflects physical violence.

Similarly, the index includes Madhesh with a score of 64.39, Koshi with 49.81, Lumbini with 42.12, Karnali with 31.25, Gandaki with 16.36, and Sudurpaschim with  9.51.