Human Rights Situation Discussion with Speaker of Provincial Assembly,and Attorney General

  June 5, 2023 By: INSEC

Dr. Kundan Aryal, Chairperson, INSEC, and the team members had a discussion session about the human rights situation in a meeting with Ramchandra Mandal, Speaker, Madhesh Province Assembly, and Birendra Kumar Thakur, Chief Advocate, Madhesh Province Government on June 3, 2023.
In the discussion with the speaker, Dr. Aryal discussed the overall situation of human rights and about the Bill for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders. He assured that INSEC will play an active role to change the way of working in the field of human rights and to make the government aware of its responsibility towards human rights.

He said that the government and civil society should work together for human rights. He studied the draft bill on the protection and security of human rights defenders prepared by INSEC and got passed it through the Madhes Provincial Assembly with necessary suggestions, emphasizing that human rights should be protected along with the rights of human rights defenders.
Mandal, Speaker of the Madhesh Province Assembly, said that the practice of caste-based discrimination and untouchability has not been completely ended, so the attention of all agencies should be focused on its solution. The public welfare work done by the state has not been realized due to non-compliance with the right to equality provided by the law. Therefore, he said that it is necessary to reach the community and family levels with quality education, civic awareness, and human rights education. He expressed that, “The rights of the victims are suppressed until the problem is raised and identified therefore, it is necessary to increase public awareness regarding the rule of law and democracy.
After examining the INSEC-prepared draft bill on the protection and security of human rights defenders, he said that he will take necessary amendments and suggestions to get it approved by the provincial government.
Dr. Aryal along with the INSEC team handed over the Bill related to the protection and security of human rights defenders to Birendra Kumar Thakur, the Chief Justice of Madhes Province.
While accepting the bill, Chief Justice Thakur stressed that because laws are made for the protection of human rights, more attention should be paid to the implementation. He also said that he is ready to take further action by studying the bill and making necessary suggestions.
The discussion was completed with the participation of Gita Baral, Treasurer, INSEC, Krishna Gautam, Information Officer, INSEC, Raju Paswan Madhes Province Coordinator, Mohan Kumar Chaudhary Documentation Officer, and Barun Basyal Assistant Officer.

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