Human Rights Group Felicitated by Municipality

  July 4, 2022 By: INSEC

The human rights group formed by INSEC has been felicitated by Bandganga Municipality during its 11th General Assembly for playing an important role in making Bandganga Municipality the first child labour free municipality of the district.

The chief guest of the program and National Assembly member Bimala Ghimire, presented a letter of appreciation to the group’s chairperson Indira Pant at the program.

Mayor of the municipality Chakrapani Aryal said that all the wards in Bandganga, which has 11 wards, have been freed from child labour.

Chief Administrative Officer Tekraj Panthi informed that Banganga has been declared a child labour free municipality because the municipality has fulfilled all the indicators required for being child labour free.

The government aims to make the whole of Nepal child labour free by 2082. In line with the same goal, Banganga has been freed from child labour.

The report of the Child Labour Free Municipality was presented by Shusila Pantha, Chief of Women, Children and Senior Citizens Branch.

Parbati Acharya