Human Rights activists urges for the relief to the victims

  April 3, 2019 By: INSEC

The human rights activists have urged the government to give proper support to the victims of strong wind especially the post natal, pregnant, senior citizens, children and person with disability.

The human rights activists released a press statement and urged government to support them in a priority. Bara and Parsa district were hardly hit by the strong wind on the evening of March 31 with human loss and injuries.

The human rights activists of the affected district monitored the affected area and found that there are serious issues of such as shortage of food and medicine along with lack of shelter. They have found that there is a need of proper treatment of the victim.

The victims are complaining of not getting relief provided by the government and the statement has drawn the attention of the government to seriously address this issue. The statement has demanded the government to re establish the victims from their displaced places.


Binod Kumar Rabidas