Human Rights Activists Present Memorandum to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Law of Province-2

  April 8, 2021 By: INSEC

A team of human rights activists led by INSEC Province 2 has submitted a memorandum to the Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Gyanendra Kumar Yadav on April 7 demanding a speedy and transparent investigation into the incident of the rescue of six girls and a young woman from India.

INSEC Province 2 Office Coordinator Raju Paswan, Advocacy Forum Nepal Province 2 Coordinator Rajkumar Mahaseth, WOREC Nepal Dhanusha District Project Coordinator Rojlin Singh Bachhar, Samata Foundation Province Officer Ram Pukar Mahara, CWIN-Nepal Province Coordinator Pramesh Bade, Youth Advocacy Nepal Campaign Coordinator Diwakar Upreti, A team comprising INSEC Mahottari representative Ajay Kumar Sah, Women Human Rights Defenders Network Dhanusha member Jamuna Bhujel and Amnesty International youth group member Balram Sah handed over the letter to Law Minister Yadav.

In the memorandum submitted to Minister Yadav, it has been demanded from the government to ensure the peace and security of the victims and their families and to ensure that such incidents do not happen again.

Understanding the letter, Law Minister Yadav said that the incident was taken very seriously and the investigation was ongoing.

Six girls and a young woman were found at the Sitamarhi railway station in India on March 31.

They were then brought to Nepal with the active participation of Indian Police, Nepal Police, social organizations, human rights activists, journalists, locals, and Mayor Sanjiv Sah. The teens are currently being held in an institution for psychiatric counseling services.

Ajay Kumar Sah