Hilihang Rural Municipality Declared as Fully Vaccinated Local Level

  March 4, 2024 By: INSEC

Hilihang Rural Municipality has been declared as the second fully vaccinated local level of Koshi Province after completing the indicators set by the World Health Organization. Hilihang was declared as the second fully vaccinated local level on 3 March, 2024 after completing all the vaccinations indicated by the World Health Organization for all children from birth to 59 months of age.

Tej Bahadur Tumbapo, the Chief of Public Health Office, Panchthar, said that among the 137 local levels of Koshi Province, Fungling Municipality of Taplejung on 24 February on the Municipality side and Hilihang on 3 March  on the Rural Municipality side were the first local levels to ensure complete vaccination.

Chairperson Samar Bahadur Adhikari said that on 3 March children aged 15 to 59 months in all wards of Hilihang have been declared fully vaccinated. Hilihang Rural Municipality was provided with a certificate by the District Vaccination Committee after approving the survey and report from the Rural Municipality level vaccination team.

Chief Ramraj Angdembe and Member Secretary District Health Office, Panchthar Chief Tej Bahadur Tumwapo, who is also the Coordinator of, gave a certificate to Village Chairman Samar Bahadur Adhikari and declared Hilihang fully vaccinated.

Chief Ramraj Angdambe of District Coordination Committee Panchthar, also the Coordinator of the Vaccination Coordination Committee, Tej Bahadur Tumbapo, the Chief of Public Health Office, Panchthar handed the certificate to Chairperson Samar Bahadur Adhikari.

According to the data of the Hilihang Rural Municipality, there are 736 children of the age from 16 to 59 months. All of them have been vaccinated along with the children in the age group up to 15 months. The Children are vaccinated according to the guidelines as per Chandra Ghimire, Chief of the health department of Hilihang.

Iwara Jawegu Limbu