High Court Issues Mandamus to Set Up Health Specialists’ Mechanism

  May 25, 2021 By: INSEC

The Tulsipur High Court has issued a mandamus on May 24, 2021, addressing Lumbini Provincial Government to form a province-level mechanism of health experts to save the lives of the citizens suffering from COVID-19.

A joint bench of Chief Justice Nita Gautam Dixit and Judge Nasrullah Ansari of the Tulsipur High Court has issued an order to set up a province-level mechanism addressing the Lumbini provincial government and set up a mechanism for health experts within 15 days. Taking suggestions from the mechanism, it has also been asked to manage covid hospitals and quarantines with oxygen at all the 109 local levels of the province to protect the citizens from the pandemic of Covid-19.

Similarly, senior citizens, children, and women should be given priority to administer the vaccine against covid-19 and to limit the purchase of consumer goods to one hour during the period of a prohibition order in Dang district to reconsider the risk of mobbing and spread of infection, maintain physical distance in medical stores and pharmaceutical products.

All local levels of the district should be mobilized to take care of the people staying in home isolation, to identify the needy and provide necessary relief materials, to collect details of regular medicine consumers and to manage the supply of medicines. Oxygen plants should be established. The order also said that journalists, human rights activists and other field workers who missed vaccination should be provided vaccination.

Advocate Bishnumani Dhital, Rabindra Kumar Dhital, Rabindra Kumar Dhital, Madhusudan Gautam, journalist Sushil Basnet and Teknath Acharya have demanded that the Lumbini Provincial Government, District Administration Office, Covid Crisis Management Centre, Ghorahi and Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan, Lamahi Municipality was made opposition. The writ petition was filed in the Tulsipur High Court.

During the hearing of the petition, the court had issued an interim order on May 13, 2021, to submit a written reply on the status of vaccination against Covid-19, PCR test and fees charged during the trial.

Advocate Bishnumani Dhital, Rabindra Kumar Dhital, Madhusudan Gautam debated on behalf of the petitioner with the opposition representated by Deputy Advocate Krishna Bahadur Oli and Advocate Bhup Bahadur KC.

Jaya Narayan Pun