High Court issues Interim order to control Dengue and Scrub Typhus in Banke

  November 11, 2016 By: INSEC

The high court of Nepalgunj has issued an interim order to the District Public Health Office on November 10 in order to control Dengue and Scrub Typhus disease seen in Banke and Bardiya districts.

A bench of judges Dr Kul Ratna Bhurtel and Bir Bahadur Dangi of High Court, Tulsipur has issued an interim order.

The District Public Health Office of Banke has been ordered to coordinate with concerned stakeholders for the stock of medicine, organizing public health awareness and getting financial support from the government and deploying financial resources of VDCs in order to control spreading of Dengue and Scrub Typhus.  The interim order will continue until the decision is made.

The third alliance in coordination with women law and Development Forum had registered the case at High Court in Tulsipur on November 3 demanding the prevention of possible epidemic, awareness and management of medicine.


Binod Pandey