Health Volunteers Complaint Of Not Receiving Salary and Allowance From Two Years

  September 8, 2020 By: INSEC

According to Anita Srivastava, the health volunteers of Janakpurdham Sub-metropolitan-7 have not received salary, allowance and uniform allowance for the last two years.

There are 35 health volunteers working in the municipality. They are supposed to receive Rs. 600 monthly and Rs. 7,500 for uniform allowance but they have not received it from the past two fiscal years, informed health volunteer, Rekha Karna of ward, no. 4 to INSEC Dhanusha representative.

The Janakpurdham sub-metropolitan has not provided any kind of medicines and vitamins to them after the rights related to health as well as the health concerns of the people came to the local level informed, health volunteer Rita Thapa.

Health volunteer Thapa said that the municipality did not provide them with such health items even though pregnant and lactating women used to come to the ward-based hospital and health post to get iron pills, vitamins and contraceptives.

Health volunteer Anita Srivastava complained that they were facing problems as the municipality did not provide them with uniform allowance for two years, monthly allowance from July 2019 to date and allowance for working in the vitamin program in October and May.

Umesh Raya, the health coordinator of Janakpurdham sub-metropolitan municipality, admitted that the money of health volunteers could not be sent on time due to internal problems in the municipality.

“We are taking initiative to distribute the allowance for uniform and monthly allowance as well as the amount spent during the National Vitamin Campaign, but due to Corona, the employees do not come to the municipality regularly,” said Health Coordinator Raya to INSEC Dhanusha.

Dipendra Prasad Singh