Health Services From Tent and Shacks After Earthquake

  September 3, 2016 By: INSEC

Most of the health organization of the district has been providing their health service from tent and shack because of lack of reconstruction of health posts that were destroyed by the devastating earthquake last year.

The earthquake had completely damaged 54 heath organization of the district. Only one half concrete building is made in Shrenathkot VDC. The health posts in Phujel, Darbung, Takukot, Lapu, Dhawa, Arupokhari, Gumda, Ghyalchok, Saurpani, Machhakhola and Thumi are providing health services from tent and shacks.

The health personnel said that they are facing difficulties in providing health service due to the lack of proper building even after 15 months of earthquake.

“The temperature has increased and, it is very hard to live inside tent as it is very hot. Still we are providing services,” said health assistant worker Pappu Kumar Rauniyar.

He added that it is very hard to provide service especially when it rains. There is lack of space to even keep medicine. Health post incharge Binita Shrestha said that medicine is also stored inside the tent due to the lack of space.

Health Assistant Nani Babu Dani of District Public Health said that various organizations have taken responsibility to re construct health posts. He added that, the monsoon has ended, the process of reconstruction will be accelerated.

Hari Ram Uprety