Health Service Affected Due to Shortage of doctors

  September 3, 2016 By: INSEC

The health services of the district hospital have been affected due to the lack of health professionals as per their posts. In the district hospital, only two doctors are working however there are 14 posts. The medical superintendent and generalist Dr Bishnu Bahadur Basnet and Medical officer Dr Bishal Kumar Dev are only two health professionals working in the hospital.

Chief Bishnu Bahadur Basnet of the hospital said that the hospital was established in 2013 with 50 beds however since then a dozen of posts remained vacant and could not be fulfilled.

The hospital have posts for chief medical officer, consultant general physician officer, Gynaecologists and dental hygiene assistant however all posts are vacant. Patients are facing difficulties in treatment as there are no expertise and specialists doctors.

He added that “we do not even have consultant anesthiologist.” Shiva Regmi, chairperson of Hospital Development Committee said that the problem has started because Ministry is not hearing the issues from local level.”  He said that government must provide expertise service as per necessity.

Chief Basnet said that the treatment service could not be made effective due to the lack of doctors. He said that 150 patients in average are coming in the hospital in a daily basis.

Bharat Khadka