Health Professionals in agitation demanding for salary

  June 28, 2018 By: INSEC

The health professionals in District Hospital of Jajarkot are in agitation since five months after they did not get salary. They said that they had to come for agitation after they did not get any salary for their work.

The health professionals are in demonstration by putting black clothes in their arms from June 27 affecting the health services except the emergency service.

At least 57 health professionals from Jajarkot hospital and 34 health professionals in municipality did not get any salary or allowances.

Senior ANM Jaya Khadka said that she is facing financial crunch after not getting salary. She added that the problem was created after the adequate fund was not released from the ministry. She added that it is exploitation of the employees.

The agitation has affected the health service and patients are suffering from this incident.

Dinesh Kumar Shrestha