Health Condition of Ganga Maya Worsening

  September 7, 2016 By: INSEC

The health condition of Ganga Maya, 59 of Phujel-7, who has been staging a hunger strike since August 11 in Bir Hospital, is deteriorating according to the health official involved in her treatment.

The doctors involved in her treatment said that she is having a problem of chest pain, swelling of abdomen and leg paralysis. She has been given life saving medicine along with saline water in intensive care unit (ICU).

Ganga Maya said that no one has come to meet her yet from government guilds. She said that she is waiting and hopeful for justice after the death of her husband, but the government want to take her life as well instead of justice”

Ganga Maya said that she is ready to give her life if justice is denied. She said “put their name in black list in history. The state is protecting criminals, we cannot except justice from such government”.

Her son Krishna Prasad Adhikari,16 was killed by former Maoist rebels in 2004 June 6 after abducting him.

Her husband died in 2014 September 22 in Bir Hospital during a hunger strike.

Vibek Dhungana