Guardian Arrested for Beating Teacher

  April 12, 2021 By: INSEC

Police have arrested 45-year-old Prem Raya, a guardian of Saraswati Secondary School, Hardiya Paltuwa in Brindrawan Municipality-4 on April 9 on the charge of beating Kailash Yadav, 45, a teacher of Saraswati Secondary School of Brindawan Municipality-4.

Raya is the guardian of a 9th Grader of Saraswati Secondary School. It is alleged that Raya had brutally beaten Yadav with a stick while he was on his way to school in the morning because Yadav had asked Raya’s child to maintain discipline inside the classroom.

Yadav was treated at the Janata Community Hospital in Chandranigahapur. The accused has been kept at the Garuda Area Police Office and the incident is being investigated, said DSP Ravi Rao.

Nine Students Expelled

Meanwhile, School Management Committee’s Chairperson Rakesh Sah said that nine students have been expelled for obstructing teaching and learning activities in the school.

Among the expelled students are four 17-year-olds of grade nine, two 16-year-olds, two 18-year-olds, and one 14-year-old student of grade seven, said Sah.

A meeting held on April 11 with the participation of the school management committee, parents and intellectuals decided to take further legal action against Prem Raya and expel nine students, informed local Ram Kalyan Yadav.

Kopila Timalsina